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Learn more about us and what we do. Daystar Biofuels, Inc. (Daystar) is a project development company that is focused on producing renewable diesel from agricultural and forestry industry waste biomass.  Agricultural and forestry waste (residue biomass) is particularly attractive because they are often discarded or burned. Our facilities are scalable and will often be located in rural communities that need economic support. The technology that we deploy creates drop-in ready diesel fuel that has a carbon negative foot print.

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Daystar has been monitoring the developments within the biomass conversion industry for a few years. We believe that the Cellulose to Hydrogen Power (ChyP) technology being developed by Proton Power, Inc. (PPI), is well suited to our small to mid scale biomass to renewable diesel projects. PPI has successfully implemented CHyP technology on a commercial scale at a sausage factory in Tennessee, producing 500kW of sustained electrical power from Switchgrass feedstock. PPI is currently building their first full commercial scale CHyP renewable diesel plant which is expected to be on-line in Q1 or Q2 2016.

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Alberta is a very advantageous location to introduce the Proton Power Inc's (PPI) CHyP technology to take advantage of the Province's abundant supply of cellulosic biomass from forest products operations as well as a taking advantage of the Province's very progressive programs to reduce CO2 emissions through support of innovative renewable energy technologies. If you have surplus mill residue biomass (sawdust, wood shavings, bark) and/or roadside residue contact us to see what we can do for you.

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