Daystar Biofuels, Inc. (Daystar)

Daystar is all about producing renewable diesel from agricultural and forestry industry waste products for a greener and lower carbon future.  Our facilities are scalable and will often be located in rural communities that need economic support.  The technology that we deploy creates drop-in ready diesel fuel that has a carbon negative foot print.

Daystar has been following the development of an innovative cellulosic biomass conversion technology for a few years. In selecting and securing suitable sites Daystar works very closely with REEP Development LLC and our technology provider Proton Power Inc. Cellulose to Hydrogen Power (ChyP) is the core technology being developed by Proton Power, Inc. (PPI), a US company based in Lenoir City Tennessee, who has successfully implemented CHyP technology on a commercial scale at a sausage factory in Tennessee, producing 500kW of sustained electrical power from Switchgrass feedstock. The first commercial scale CHyP diesel fuel system is being built to produce approximately 4.8 million U.S. gallons of renewable ASTM 975 standard diesel fuel from approximately. 55,000 dry tonnes of cellulosic biomass per year. The full commercial scale system will be operational with US EPA certification of its fuel product as ASTM 975 compliant transportation grade #2 diesel by Q1 or Q2 2016.

Key Management

Jeffrey Brookman
Jeffrey Brookman (BASc Geological Engineering, MBA) has over 30 years of progressively more challenging experience in the upstream oil and gas business. Building upon the success of his technical career as a geoscientist, Jeff has enjoyed a very successful career in management. Jeff is equally at ease managing hundred million dollar start-ups as he is with transforming billion dollar Majors and large integrated NOCs. Today he is a founding partner of Daystar Biofuels.

He is very much a people person and a visionary leader. Jeff was instrumental in creating and implementing Kuwait Oil Company’s $26 billion 2020 strategy to grow their production from 2.3 million bopd to 4 million bopd by 2020.

Most recently, Jeff created a coal-to-liquids company that is finalizing agreements in South East Europe. These innovative projects will include carbon capture and storage/use making then cleaner than natural gas power plants.

Prior to this, Jeff was instrumental in building a JV Company in Egypt from scratch, putting in place the technical teams, establishing the proper policies and procedures (Admin, HR, HSE, Materials and Procurement, Project Management), instilling within the organization an HSE mindset (safety first and respect for the environment), creating relationships with partners/government and establishing 5.000 bopd of early oil production while putting 250 mmscfd of gas and 12.000 bcpd behind pipe, completed and ready to export.

He also believes in giving back to his community and has been an active member of his community association board for the last four years. Jeff also worked with the Tour de Nuit Society, the University of Calgary and transportation engineers and safety specialists on improved infrastructure for bicycle users in Calgary

Mark Randall

Mark Randall launched Daystar Consulting in 1997 and ran all aspects of this independent consulting business, providing services in project management, renewable energy development, economic development, community development, grant writing, R&D, administration, and government reporting. Client base composed of Indian tribes, utilities, municipalities, and technology startup companies focused on community facilities and infrastructure construction, renewable-energy assessments, pilot projects, feasibility studies, and startup business planning. Mark has lifelong experience in project development and project management.

In parallel to this activity, Mark is a Partner of Daystar Biofuels in the US.

The son of an aerospace engineer, in a family of engineers, Mark has always been the guy who gets things done. He trained in electronics and power technology in the US Air Force, and studied at the Watson School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, graduating from the State University of New York in 1990. As a ‘Jack of All Trades’ kind of guy, Mark developed a passion for solar and renewable energy and served as Executive Director of the San Luis Valley Solar Energy Association and owned and operated a solar systems company and a green building company. Mark taught renewable energy and green building technology at Yavapai College and served on the Arizona Governor’s Solar Energy Advisory Council.

Mark has extensive experience in energy and infrastructure project management and large-scale renewable energy development, including wind, solar, biomass, and biofuels with special emphasis on permitting projects on tribal land.

Mark lives in Seattle Washington where he enjoys sailing and wooden boat restoration, vintage home restoration, gardening, cycling, and ice hockey.